While reading a communication in a recent issue signed...

New London (Conn.) Telegraph

While reading a communication in a recent issue signed "Spectator," it seemed to me that much difficulty might arise in determining which of the many different methods of treating disease should be classified as "false and ignorant systems." And if parents are not to select the kind of treatment for their children, more or less conflict might arise over the question as to which system should be used. One parent might object to allopathy for his child and prefer homeopathy, while one who had adopted the eclectic school might protest if osteopathy were insisted upon for his child. There also arises the question of responsibility. Where is the responsibility going to rest; on the parent or the state?

Just so long as the state regards the parent as the natural guardian, and requires the parent to provide all necessities for the child, nothing can take from the parent the duty of electing what system of healing shall be used. This being so, the parent would certainly select the system which in his experience has proven the most efficient. He naturally would not have faith in a method which had failed him and which he had abandoned. Christian Scientists teach their children at an early age to decide for themselves what they will rely upon for their healing, and any one observing a company of such children will certainly note the absence of any evidence of neglect.

October 30, 1909

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