Do any question that the ultimate good, for which all mankind hope, will be realized? Why should any doubt? "Because it has been so long looked for but never attained." some may answer. Here, however, we must not forget that a great change has come to the world in late years, a change which is vastly greater than anything known in the past. Things are far better for mankind at large than they ever were before; hitherto unknown resources are being discovered, so that it now seems actually puerile to talk of possible want because some source of supply seems to be exhausted. No thoughtful person can deny that there is abundance for all human need, the question is only as to the "industry, intelligence, and integrity" required on every side to make the supply available for all,—in other words, the righteousness which sees the infinite provisions and demands of God's law, and which is ever ready to lay hold upon the former and to obey the latter.

In the 72d Psalm we have a wonderful word-picture of the reign of righteousness, the coming of God's kingdom, for which so many pray daily, with little hope that it will come in their time although it was two thousand years ago that Christ Jesus commanded his disciples to announce it as "at hand." The psalmist had declared that righteousness, peace, and abundance were to be the characteristics of the Christly reign, and that the ideal ruler should "save the children of the needy," and should "break in pieces the oppressor." How this should be done is indicated in the words, "He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth." No aggressive material sovereignty this, but rather a spiritual power so mighty that "all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him."

January 30, 1909

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