The material senses of the people amongst whom Jesus...

Christian Commonwealth

The material senses of the people amongst whom Jesus moved rarely rose to a clear perception of his words; and so, telling them that if they could not believe for the word's sake they must found their belief upon the works, he healed the sick and raised the dead and walked upon the waters, breaking every physical law in demonstration of the fact that those laws were not God's laws, and that a knowledge of God's law—that is, the spiritual law—would give man the dominion which the Bible declared God had given to him.

What, then, is the origin of the material law, the law by which sin entered the world, and through sin death, and everything that is unlike God? The question is simply a new demand for an explanation of the origin of evil; and the origin of evil never has been explained, and never will be, because a negation never had an origin. There is exactly one way to grasp the nothingness of evil, and that is by understanding the allness of God, just as until a boy grasps the fact that two and two make four he will never understand why two and two are not and never were five. The only occasion for the misconception that two and two are five is that they are four. Spiritual things, writes Paul, are spiritually discerned, and only in the persistent struggle to blot out from their consciousness all that is unlike God, in the effort to attain the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, can men hope to begin to gain the spiritual and scientific knowledge of God—that is, of Truth—and so discern evil as "a liar, and the father of it."

January 30, 1909

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