A clerical critic says, "If religion is capable of healing...

Berlin (N. H.) Reporter

A clerical critic says, "If religion is capable of healing the infirmities of the body, then religion is science, in so far at least as its relation to the human organism is concerned; and more than that, it is healing and healer combined." Christian Science furnishes proof positive of this. Jesus' religion was his understanding of God, Spirit. His practice of it reformed sinners and healed the sick. His understanding of God was an exact Science of Truth, and he said: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," mentally, morally, and physically. Christian Science teaches this exact knowledge of God, systematically arranged, hence it is scientific. It heals the mentally, morally, and bodily sick; assuages grief; comforts the sorrowing; is emulating the example of Jesus, and is therefore Christian, hence the name "Christian Science."

The reverend gentleman seems to have directed his criticism, not against superstitious faith in material things, not against the more modern systems of auto-suggestion, or self-mesmerism, and hypnotism, but against that pure spirituality which was taught by Christ Jesus (of whom he is a professing minister) and which is now taught in Christian Science. Thus did the rabbis (ministers) in Jesus' time.

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