Those who ascribe the healing in Christian Science to...

Hamilton (Ont.) Times

Those who ascribe the healing in Christian Science to the power of suggestion, understand neither Christian Science nor its method of healing. Those critics who talk so glibly of the power of suggestion as being the basis of the healing works wrought by this Science, will find that it requires vastly more than suggestion or human willpower to heal chronic organic disorders, such as cancer and tuberculosis. Yet these diseases and many others of a like serious nature have been healed many times through Christian Science during the past forty years. It was not so long ago that the opponents of Christian Science refused to believe that healing could be accomplished except by purely material means; and now, when the healing work of this Science has reached such proportions that it compels belief, critics endeavor to give the credit to anything but the right source, namely, the divine Mind, God. The fact is, people are so loth to believe that God is willing and able to heal, that they are ready to ascribe the healing power to a multitude of other agencies, rather than to render "unto God the things that are God's."

In a word, the difference between Christian Science and all other systems of mental healing is that these other systems exalt the human mind or will as the healing power, thereby dethroning God, the great Physician, while Christian Science brings the human mind or will under subjection to the divine Mind, God, which is recognized and proved in Christian Science to be the only true healing power.

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