Christian Science affirms that the only indestructible...

Southport (Lancashire, Eng.) Visitor

Christian Science affirms that the only indestructible eternal essence is good, and that to seek to impose upon mankind the necessity of believing in the actual existence of a rival and hostile power is the strangest disservice that can be attempted in the name of him who came to destroy, for humanity in distress, the devil and all his works. That the belief in sin will be punished so long as the belief lasts is the teaching of Christian Science; so long, that is to say, as men invest evil with a supposititious attractive force (and its only power is that bestowed upon it by its victims), so long must they take the consequences, so long will they sin, so long will they sicken and die. Not many years ago Christian Scientists were to be counted in hundreds; to-day a vast multitude, to be counted in hundreds of thousands, proclaim that they have ceased to believe the liar, as our Master stigmatized it, and in consequence have escaped from its tyranny. When it is borne in mind that this host of people is largely composed of those deemed in their sickness or their sin to be beyond human help, and when the astonishing transformation in their mode of life is marked, their proclamation rings convincingly in our ears as the fulfilment of the promise, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

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