Almost eight years have passed since I first heard of...

Almost eight years have passed since I first heard of Christian Science. At that time I came to know a family of Scientists, and from the friends who were antagonistic to their belief, and from reading literature denouncing it, I gained what I thought to be a true description of Christian Science. Shortly afterward I moved from this section of the state, and heard no mention of the subject until about two and a half years ago, when it was again brought to my notice, and I was given access to Science and Health and many of the other publications. As I had always enjoyed pretty good health, I had no need of any physical help, but I can now see how greatly I was in need of spiritual healing. While I had been a member of an orthodox church for almost ten years, and had always been actively engaged in some department of church work, I was still in a state of doubt and discontent. I doubted if I really knew God, and I certainly did not, for I had no proofs. I had read the Bible and prayed to my far-away God daily, not so much for the benefits to be received, but because I felt it a duty. In this mental condition, although greatly prejudiced, I began to read a few of the truths in Science and Health from time to time. After reading but very little, I saw clearly, although not ready to admit it, that I had found the truth. For this reason I put the book down many times, declaring that I would never look inside its covers again, for fear that I would find something which would cause me to give up my church and the work in which I was interested. I continued to read, however, and as Truth kept leading me from paths of darkness into light, I saw that I had nothing but discord to give up, and everything to gain.

Since gaining this new concept of God and a better understanding of the Bible. I have been healed of bowel trouble and various minor ailments. A sense of selfishness and stubbornness has also been overcome, at least to some extent. Business problems, which heretofore would have caused me a great deal of worry, have been solved many times with this better knowledge of Principle. At one time, when everything seemed dark before me, I decided to leave the entire matter with Him who doeth all things well, and through this trust in the omnipotence of Truth and right, the clouds have been slowly but surely dispersed, proving to me that I do not have to depend upon man for anything. My desire is to be ever willing to be guided by Truth, and no matter where it leads me, I know that I cannot go wrong. For all these blessings, and for the peace of mind "which passeth all understanding," I am truly grateful, and want my life and deeds to be the test of my sincerity and gratitude.

January 30, 1909

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