My first knowledge of Christian Science came to me...

My first knowledge of Christian Science came to me through taking a friend who was in distress to a practitioner for treatment. His trouble, which was very serious and of years' standing, was cured in one treatment. He had asked me to take him to the practitioner, and I, with a good deal of curiosity as to what Christian Science is, was willing to do so. Some time after this an eruption appeared on my right leg. When the doctor had done for me all that he seemed able to do, he said I would have to lose the limb. After he left me I began to think of what I had seen of Christian Science, and decided that if it could cure my friend it could surely help me. I had a high fever, but with great effort I got downstairs, and though on the way to the practitioner's home it seemed to me that I could not go on, I finally reached the house and was given treatment. I was so relieved by this treatment that I was able the next night to go to a social gathering, with only slight inconvenience. In a few days, still taking treatment, I was entirely cured. This was in October, 1906.

I would like to tell also of the healing of my little grandson, a baby one year old. His father, whose home was in the country, telephoned me that the child was not expected to live, being in the last stages of acute lung trouble. Two doctors had pronounced the case hopeless. I went out at once to the home, where I found the house filled with sympathizing friends, and all expecting the child to die at any moment. Relatives at a distance had been sent for, and the day set for the funeral. I tried to encourage them, but the mother insisted that my son and I should bring the doctor out once more. When we found the doctor he said it would be of no use for him to come, as he could do nothing, so we started back without him. On the way I began to tell my son all I could of Christian Science and the cures of which I had known, and said that if he wished me to I could stop at some house and telephone to a practitioner for help. He consented, and I did so. The practitioner said she would begin working for the child at once, and that we would find him better on reaching home. We had just driven into the yard at my son's home when we were told that the little one was better. I took care of the child that night, while the others slept. He rested well, and in a few days was as well as ever.

Testimony of Healing
About ten years ago I became fully convinced of the...
January 30, 1909

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