In identifying Truth with God, Christian Science gives the supreme statement and proof of the oneness of all truth,—that in the whole realm of the divine manifestation there are no contradictions, no discordant forces or laws. It follows that in so far as God has been revealed to human consciousness, in so far men have come into a common possession, and every new revelation has been a fulfilment of all that was good and true in the prophecy and perception which came before. Spiritual advance in all times has been the dawning of God's great day, and had this but been realized by religious men, Christ Jesus would have been welcomed, and history would not tell us of the "stoning without the gates" visited upon the world's seers and prophets.

This oneness of all truth was clearly enunciated by John when he spoke of the Christ as "the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world," and Christian Science teaches that the realization of this fact is the one ground of genuine, practical brotherhood. Mrs. Eddy has expressed this in that immortal passage on p. 340 of Science and Health, beginning. "One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations;" and the breadth and embrace of her statement will not have been compassed until all struggle and disharmony shall have passed into their native nothingness, and God rule on earth as in heaven.

January 30, 1909

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