Truth and its proof go hand in hand

Truth and its proof go hand in hand. People throughout all ages have been asking for the proof of things. In all branches of business proof is sought, in various ways, in carrying business to its rightful conclusion. Sometimes, to our dim discernment, the actual proof is hard to find, but a right understanding of Spirit and a dependence on God's way will reveal the momentarily-hidden knowledge. The honest seeker after the truth is sure to find it.

About two years ago I was seeking proof of the truth of Christian Science, and it has come to me in various ways. What seems chief among other healings and overcomings is the entire cure of the liquor and tobacco habits, habits which had to human sense seemed very real for a good many years, and which I had thrown off for a few weeks and occasionally a few months through human willpower (which is weak as water), only to resume them again. It therefore affords me unbounded joy to know that I have the proof of the power of the Christ-principle to heal. It is now over sixteen months since I have used liquor or tobacco, and during that time I have had no desire for them, but I have waited until now before giving this testimony, for I wanted positive proof of the healing.

Testimony of Healing
Four years ago I gained my first knowledge of Christian Science
July 18, 1908

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