I am grateful to Christian Science for what it has done...

I am grateful to Christian Science for what it has done for me, and wish to give this testimony in the hope that it may be of benefit to others. For several years I had been addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors to the extent that I always had a flask with me at my work, and would not think of going to bed at night unless I had one where I could get at it. For the last five years before coming into Christian Science I was employed in a saloon, and had all the liquors I wished to drink at my disposal. I often tried to break off the drink habit, but could not do so. I even gave up my position and worked for a while at my former occupation in a printing office; but I did not stay there long, because I could not get enough whisky on the salary I received there, and support my family, and the more I tried to leave off drinking the more I desired it. I went back to bartending with the intention of gradually leaving off drinking, but I failed in that and became worse than before. I kept on for about two years more, and then gave up the bartending for another business, all the time hoping and wishing to break myself of the drink habit, though it still clung to me and I drank as much as before.

Finally, I was told by a friend that I must do something very soon, and was advised to go to a physician or to a Christian Science practitioner for help. I knew the advice was timely, and I decided on the latter more to please the one who gave me the advice than of my own choice, as I had not the least faith that Christian Science would help me. I delayed a few days, and then went to the office of a Christian Science practitioner. While waiting my turn to talk to him, I picked up a pamphlet from the table, read some of it, and became quite interested when I read about a rope being let down into hell, etc. Then and there I first got a glimpse of God that appealed to me, as before this I could never bring myself to believe in Him, especially in the way I had been taught at Sunday School, nor to believe in the Bible; but right there I began to think. When I had opportunity to talk with the practitioner I told him I wanted to be treated for drunkenness, and he gave me a treatment. When I left his office I was healed of the craving for liquor, and the desire for it has never returned to me; but I continued the treatment for a few more days, although I knew the desire for liquor had absolutely left me. Having been for many years associated with "good fellows" and "sports," I thought it would look cheap to give up so easily, but since then I have wished that I had taken no more than the one treatment, that those who knew my previous condition might better understand how great is the work which Mrs. Eddy has done and is doing for all mankind. Even now many believe my healing to be a wonderful demonstration of her teachings.

Testimony of Healing
For the benefit of those who may be suffering in much...
July 18, 1908

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