Mrs. Eddy has discerned the spiritual import of the...


Mrs. Eddy has discerned the spiritual import of the Scriptures in regard to God, man, and the universe, which necessarily is contrary to material theories concerning them. To say that "an acceptance of that gospel (Christian Science) involves a repudiation of almost anything the world has hitherto accepted as truth, and the denial of any law by which God Almighty governs the world." is not to convict Christian Science of falsehood. There was a time when all the world believed that the earth was flat and stationary and the sun rose and set, but that theory is now known to be untrue, although the material senses still testify to the alleged fact. The so-called scientific teachings in regard to matter and the constitution of the earth and the universe that were believed for centuries have in recent years been discarded, and new theories are now being adopted that approach very closely the views expressed by Mrs. Eddy over thirty years ago. Instead of "the denial of any law by which God Almighty governs the world," Christian Science emphatically declares that God governs all through law, but as God is Spirit, His law is spiritual and not material.

It is not faith in Euclid that enables one to work out the problems which he elucidated, but faith in and understanding of the truth which he taught. But when the student has mastered the problems through an understanding of this truth which Euclid taught, he is not likely to deny that Euclid ever lived or that he worked out the problems which the student has learned to work out through his teachings. So with Christian Science healing; it is not faith in the personal Jesus that heals, but faith in and understanding of God and His law as taught by Jesus. And when one can prove his faith and understanding by his works, he has no doubt that Jesus lived and healed the sick and sinful as recorded in the Scriptures.

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