It is a pleasure to acknowledge some of the great benefits...

It is a pleasure to acknowledge some of the great benefits which Christian Science has been to me. The first and greatest blessing is the revelation of divine Love, available for man's every need, and the illumination of the Word. Physical benefits have also been very many. About eight years ago I suddenly became aware of a paralytic condition affecting one side of my face. The alarm of my family over this condition was intense, and my own surprise and distress seemed to prevent my arising to the situation. I appealed to a sister Scientist for help, and normal conditions were restored in less than a week. Without my knowledge a member of the family sought the advice of a physician, and was told that absolute rest and treatments with electricity might help somewhat, but that the restoration of perfect conditions could not be expected. My circumstances at the time were such that the taking of a rest would have been an impossibility, indeed I seemed to be obliged to be more active than I had ever been, and the demonstration was the absolute victory of Truth over error. This is only one of the many blessings which I have received in Christian Science. The action of the truth is recuperative, and as we know it we are "renewed." I am trying to live more and more gratitude day by day.

Kate L. McGill, Chicago, Ill.

Testimony of Healing
A desire to have more of my friends and old acquaintances...
July 18, 1908

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