Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what...

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what Christian Science has done for me and mine. Several years ago my husband, who is a railway conductor, was examining a broken brake staff on a freight car when it suddenly flew up, striking him on the chin with such force that his tongue was terribly lacerated and two teeth were knocked out, the chin also having an ugly wound. The road surgeon took about ten stitches in the tongue, but it seemed impossible to keep them intact, and after the stitches had broken out the third time he told my husband that the condition had become very serious. The surgeon cut away parts of the tongue, sewed it again, and advised him to go to a hospital, where he could receive the best medical attention. Believing in the fatality of bloodpoisoning, my husband naturally felt very discouraged and despondent. The last stitches were taken on Saturday and broke out Sunday morning. I then prevailed on him to allow the case to be given to a Christian Science practitioner. He did so, and improved rapidly. Within three days he was able to eat solid food, whereas under the care of the physician he had been compelled to take all nourishment through a quill. No stitches were taken in the chin, but within a short time the wound was perfectly healed.

I also wish to testify to my own healing. From childhood I had suffered very much from throat trouble. Every time I took cold my throat gave me excruciating pain. At times I could not speak, and had to resort to pencil and paper to convey my wishes to others. This trouble has been overcome in Christian Science. We have a family of several children, who are kept well without resorting to drugs. For these and many other blessings which we have enjoyed through the understanding of Truth, we are daily thankful to God, and to our beloved Leader.

Testimony of Healing
One morning as I entered my room I noticed that the...
March 28, 1908

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