Many times I have thought of writing a testimonial...

Many times I have thought of writing a testimonial for our periodicals, but hardly knew where to begin nor how to make a long story short. Nine years ago, when my mother was hopelessly ill according to materia medica, some one suggested that we try Christian Science. We did not, and she passed on. It was practically the first time I had heard of Christian Science, and while the combination of terms meant nothing to me, I felt that there was a deep significance attached to them. I feel now that had we been in Science at that time several tragic events might have been averted. While there was much of beauty in the religion of my youth, it failed to satisfy, and I found myself wandering into the by-paths of theosophy and philosophy in my search for a solution of certain problems in my life. Through the mazes of Buddhism, spiritualism, etc., I went, until mental confusion caused a serious and prolonged breakdown wanted mental treatment, and called on a local practitioner whom I met, — a bona-fide Christian Scientist, — whose declaration that the system of metaphysics I had been studying was spurious had met with my resentment and scorn. Little did I then realize the vast gulf between so-called mental science and Christian Science. Nor was I in a condition to grasp the import of anything new, even though it was the Christ-idea. From the "worm of the dust" theory I had gone to the belief that I could do all things. Another error to be reckoned with was the antagonism of a member of the family. So, after several weeks' treatment in Christian Science, I went over to materia medica, and had a siege of exhaustion not easy to forget. Yet through it all I still believed in mental supremacy, and worked for myself as well as I knew how. A New York physician would not believe I had had such a severe illness, stating that had such been the case it would have been impossible for me to do the work I had since done.

A year later, while yet in a very nervous condition, I went East to visit relatives. Although still interested to some extent in metaphysics, after what I had gone through I fought shy of any deep plunge into metaphysical thought, and during two years' residence in New York only occasionally attended Christian Science services. Still clinging to materia medica, I went through another experience which showed me that the time had come to choose. I bought a copy of Science and Health and started to read and study it. I placed myself under Christian Science treatment, and for the first time in three weeks was free from a sense of headache. I realized more and more that Christian Science was the only thing that could straighten out the mental snarl in which I had been enmeshed, and that the Word of Truth is all powerful to destroy every manifestation of error. The understanding gained by the study of the little book, and association with loyal Christian Scientists, soon began to transform my life. Divine Love gave me the right mental attitude toward a detested life-work, then lifted me out of it. Later work, as society and dramatic writer for a newspaper, was made most successful through Science. Periodical spells of that depression known as "blues," always accompanied by that rank weed of the mental garden, self-pity, were overcome when I learned that in Truth there is no gloom, no depression, for God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. Lifelong disappointments were revealed as shadows to be dissipated by the sun of Truth; intense grief was seen to be largely selfishness, and the worship of the human, idolatry.

During one of my own hard struggles toward the light I was the means of bringing into Science a dear friend who, to sense, had reached a crisis and was ripe for the truth. Her expressions of gratitude made me realize a tithe of what Mrs. Eddy must feel in the gratitude of thousands lifted from the pit of despair, and the joy of finding one's own in another's good. While several dear practitioners have helped me at times, I have also been able to demonstrate for myself. My forbears and immediate family were great dosers, and my father once said to me he hoped I would not get to be one. The following are some of the errors which have been overcome by the Word of Truth: Nerves, colds in head and chest, for which heroic material measures were formerly adopted; burnt fingers, fear of runaway horses, self-consciousness, etc. Four years ago I put on glasses, which a prominent New York oculist told me I always should have worn and would always have to wear. Four weeks ago I took them off. I knew this demonstration would be made in time, but did not force it. It came when least expected, for I had just returned from a trip to the coast, and to sense my eyes had suffered from sightseeing and the perpetual sunshine of California, the dust of the desert and the soot of travel.

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Testimony of Healing
I can scarcely find words to express my love and gratitude...
March 28, 1908

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