There are two species of investigation in the realm of consciousness; the one is genuine, the other is a counterfeit. The honest investigator cares little for what the subject of his investigation claims, but more for what it really does. He holds firmly to the rule laid down by the great Wayshower, "By their fruits ye shall know them." He seldom if ever steps aside to listen to hearsay testimony. What he is after are facts, since facts can always be substantiated. The honest investigator on any plane of human activity is never classed as a denunciator or defamer. He is after the truth, and nothing short of the truth will satisfy him. He ever holds himself open to the recognition of that which is useful, practical, good, pure, and true. Above all, he goes to the fountain-head of reliable information, thereby placing himself in a position to judge accurately, without prejudice or partiality.

The honest investigator of Christian Science comes face to face with true meta-physics, not physics. He must always be fortified with meekness, humility, and justice. He will never work to sustain his own misconceptions — based always upon sense testimony; but instead to eliminate them, and to keep his mind open to the recognition of that which is intended to instruct rather than to amuse the human mind. The first and most natural query on his part will be concerning an authorized text-book upon the subject, and not some one's published criticism or pretended exposition of Christian Science. He will be too wise and too practical to imagine that a hurried or casual reading of any such work could in any sense of the word constitute a thorough investigation of its subject-matter. He knows that it will require study to lay hold of spiritual truths and to present them intelligently to others. However adverse these truths may seem to his own former habits of thought, he will recognize the necessity of making practical application of the truth before even venturing an opinion concerning it.

March 28, 1908

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