I offer my testimony in thankfulness to God for His...

I offer my testimony in thankfulness to God for His goodness, and trust it may be a light to some one's path. I am indeed grateful to our dear Leader for the understanding of Truth I have gained in Christian Science, as I realize that through this wonderful teaching I have passed from death unto life. My suffering seems beyond description, as for thirty years I had been afflicted with that distressing disease known as asthmatic trouble. Part of the time I was unable to walk, ever from one room to another. I also suffered greatly from a severe form of catarrhal trouble, and was much reduced in flesh. In later years an eruptive disease caused me great distress, and though I tried every remedy I heard of, I got no relief. I had given up all hope of ever being well, as I had suffered in one way or another nearly all my life, and only expected to worry along until God saw fit to take me out of the world.

I was (as I thought) trying to live a Christian life. When I felt able I would study the Bible and then wonder why God had sent this affliction upon me. I even prayed Him to take the life which seemed such a burden, for I could scarcely be said to live. About two years ago, however, Christian Science, the messenger of Truth, came to me and healed me. It revealed to me the true God, and I cannot tell how happy it makes me to let others know of this healing Truth. I can truly say. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow." My son was also healed of chronic trouble at the age of thirteen. He had hardly ever seen a well day from the time he was a babe. We have all accepted the truth and make it our daily study. We have had many beautiful demonstrations, and have no need of any material remedies. We have relied on God as our only source of help since our first healing in Christian Science. We are trying to show our gratitude to God by daily watching and praying for that Mind to be in us "which was also in Christ Jesus."

Testimony of Healing
With a heart full of gratitude I wish to acknowledge...
October 3, 1908

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