In the twelfth chapter of Numbers it is related that Aaron and Miriam became angered and spake against Moses because he did that which was contrary to their views; and they began to reason among themselves, and said, "Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us?" Here we see self, pride, and envy shutting out from these people the spiritual understanding which enables us to separate between the human and the divine, the real and the unreal. They were not able to separate between the personal Moses and the truth or knowledge of God which was revealed to Moses, and which knowledge Moses tried to make clear to his people. The Bible states very clearly that this sense of jealousy and envy displeased God, and that immediately Miriam became white with leprosy. Then Aaron, repentant for the foolishness and sin which had brought such sudden and terrible punishment, appealed to Moses to heal her; and we read that Moses besought God, and that she was healed.

Is it not plain that history is repeating itself? Is not the world saying, Who is Mrs. Eddy that the truth should come through her? Are we not as good as she? Are not the prayers of our clergymen and other good Christian people as efficacious and fervent as hers? Why did God let His children wait so long, if this which she has written is the truth? Herein we see mortal mind or envious humanity blindly reasoning, and failing, like Aaron and Miriam, to discern the truth which has been revealed to her as it was to Moses, and which she also is giving through her writings to the world.

October 3, 1908

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