About three years ago I was led to investigate the teachings...

About three years ago I was led to investigate the teachings of Christian Science. As at the close of day a child weary of play discards its toys, and turning from them stretches forth its arms towards a loving parent, to be eagerly enfolded in her tender embrace and soothed to rest, so did I, a child of larger growth, forsake that which had hitherto seemed so pleasure-giving, so attractive, so alluring; and failing to find in human love that for which I craved, I turned with arms outstretched to my heavenly "Father-Mother God," yearning to be but understood and loved. Completely heart-broken and heavily laden, as it seemed, I went to Him who is always saying, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." It was at this time, when existence seemed unendurable, while vainly seeking among the hideous jumble of entangled thoughts to find some sort of solution to the apparently unsolvable problem of mortal existence, its mysteries, the undefinableness of everything, visible or otherwise, that a prayer escaped me for deliverance from it all. To whom or what I prayed I knew not, for what God was, or my relationship to Him, I had no idea—that was part of the mystery. Still I prayed, trusting that from some unknown source a response might return; wondering indeed if the prayers of the unrighteous were of any avail, or ever reached their destination, which one might sometimes be inclined to doubt. Thus I continued, wrestling with conflicting feelings and emotions, knowing no way out of the turmoil, seeing no light in the darkness, feeling only too conscious of my incapacity to cope with the unseen enemy, this power seemingly so destructive to my happiness. In doubt, perplexity, and a state of mind so completely wretched, I was only too willing to try anything which might be likely to prove effectual in bringing about a more happy condition of thought, explain away my doubts, and solve the problems which seemed for so long to have baffled the efforts of all seekers after truth.

At this point Christian Science was brought to my notice, and at the request of a student of this Science I turned my thought in this direction and read a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" which was loaned me. This wonderful book, together with other Christian Science literature, and the Bible, I have been studying ever since. I never have doubted that this was the divine truth I had been seeking, which had come to me in the hour of my greatest need, in answer to my prayer, and if ever I doubted the efficacy of prayer before, I have never done so since. With the new understanding that has come to me through Christian Science, of what prayer really is, and does for one, I begin to know and realize what it means to pray aright, and "with signs following" to demonstrate, in however small a scale or humble a way, the power of Truth and Love to remove every form of error that would obstruct and impede one's progress and access to God. One learns, too, how through this right method of prayer it is possible to "pray without ceasing." Here truly I found direction, and a means by which to extricate myself and others from all difficulties, mental, moral, or physical,—an exit, not through death, but through Life and a right understanding of God. It is for the knowledge and understanding that have come to me through the study of this text-book, for a renewed desire once again to open the Bible, which hitherto had seemed inexplicable and full of contradictions, but which I now read with fresh interest and purpose, and above and beyond all for the spiritual uplifting that has come to me through the inspired pages of Mrs. Eddy's works, that I wish to express my heartfelt thanks, that it has led me to speak of how I sought the truth and to tell others where to find it. Tired and weary, I reached forth to Him who, being the all-knowing, all-hearing Mind, seeth the needs of His children and in due season supplieth them. When all else failed, I was led to realize the allness of His presence, and to know that the arms of everlasting Love are around me, protecting and shielding from all harm. "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them;" so, when sad thoughts tempt me, I turn afresh to Him who wipes away "all tears" from our eyes, knowing the time cometh and is now being ushered in when "there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."

Words being inadequate by which to express my love and gratitude to our beloved Leader for the good that has come to me through this wonderful revelation of Truth, it will be my earnest, prayerful desire to become more filled with Truth and Love, and so be able to demonstrate by deeds, by leading a consistent life, all that which I know to be true. I have but just started, and I have stumbled oft, but with renewed strength I press forward, and hope some day to become more worthy to be called a Christian Scientist.—Dorothy Escombe, London, England.

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