"I simply can't do it. I've tried my best to think there's nothing the matter with him, but I can't be indifferent to his condition. I love him too much. I can't help being troubled and anxious."

She was a fond, faithful mother, and the quivering of her lips, as she spoke, told of a throbbing heart and of the wearisome but unrelaxed devotion of many a long day and night. "Well," said her friend, "do you suppose God wants you to try to think that human conditions are ideal when they are not? Would He have us ignore the things that ought to be righted? Let us recall Jesus' attitude toward abnormity. When he met the man with a withered hand, and was questioned as to the legitimacy of his Sabbath healing. he asked who among them, if his one sheep should fall into a pit on the Sabbath, would not straightway pull him out. He did not say there could be no accident to a sheep, nor that the man's hand was not withered, to human sense, but knowing the falsity of the material belief in which abnormity finds its birth and sustenance, he could effectively deny the power and dominion of that belief, and so he said to the afflicted man, 'Stretch forth thine hand,' and he did it.

November 30, 1907

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