The Queen's Hall Langham Place, London, was crowded last night [Oct. 28] with a deeply interested audience to hear a distinguished American exponent of Christian Science, the Hon. Clarence A. Buskirk. His lecture last night and a second lecture, which he is to deliver to-day, are given under the auspices of the christian Science churches in London, The chair was taken by the Rev. Gerald Warre-Cornish, who left the Church of England for Christian Science. In introducing the lecturer to the audience he said he was sure that all present had come with a deep-lying interest in the great subjects involved in Christian Science. It was sometimes said that this was a materialistic age. and that the public was apathetic to questions of religion. In his opinion that was not a correct view of the situation: he thought, on the contrary, that the present was a time of great spiritual awakening throughout the country.

Mr. Buskirk is a tall, dignified. elderly man. with gray head and beard, penetrating eyes, and a resonant, musical voice. In a calm. restrained fashion. pacing slowly about the platform and pausing occasionally to emphasize a point with outstretched finger. he held the attention of his great audience from first to last. For the most part he was heard in silence, but occasionally there was a spontaneous outburst of applause which delayed for a few moments the even flow of his discourse. For an hour and a half he spoke of the fundamentals of Christian Science, and of the wonderful progress of the movement during the past thirty years.—The Tribune.

November 30, 1907

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