Often in talking to people about Science I have been...

Often in talking to people about Science I have been asked, "What would you do in case of a broken bone or a dislocated joint?" I have always said, "I do not know: but it is probable that I would send for a physician." A few weeks ago I received a severe injury to my knee, which caused intense pain. I could not straighten up, could do nothing but ask for help. My husband and others present tried to move me to a comfortable position. I cried out with agony, but after a number of efforts to place me either in a chair or on a lounge I asked to be let alone. A Christian Scientist was present and I asked for help. In about fifteen or twenty minutes there was a snap which could be heard distinctly and I felt the joint go back into place. I turned instantly and walked out onto the porch. I was indeed grateful to the Scientist. Later in the evening the knee commenced to pain me and to get stiff. I told the Scientist about it and the trouble was overcome at once. I was on my feet practically all next day. going up and down three flights of stairs without any discomfort and with only the slightest sensation of weakness. Since that first day there has not been a single reminder of the injury. This was to me a quick and wonderful proof of the all sufficiency of God, good. I have tried as best I could for a number of years to be a Christian Scientist, and while I am still far from being a good one. the demonstrations of Truth's power made for me and by me are almost innumerable. I owe health, prosperity, everything to Christian Science, and my whole being is filled with gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy. for her discovery of the availability of God's "wonderful works of the children of men."

Emma T. Martin, Macon, Ga.

November 30, 1907

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