In the light of twentieth-century civilization, based on an...

Youngstown (O.) Vindicator

In the light of twentieth-century civilization, based on an unbroken and unsuccessful history of over four thousand years of medicine, the medical fraternity to-day realize more than ever before their inability to heal diseases by the use of drugs. Dr. Ewing of London, Eng., within the last ten days has declared that "the profession of medicine is in the throes of a crisis. This is almost a revolutionary statement, and coming as it does from such an eminent physician and teacher in medician. it shows that the medical fraternity is going to swim with the current hereafter in stead of battling against it. as has been too often the case. In the September number of the American Physician, published in New York City. Dr. George J. Simpson says, "That disease is cured by faith and prayer is so well attested that it would be foolhardy in me to contradict." In speaking of drugs as auxiliary to other healing forces he says. "They [drugs] are not, however, the sole or chief reliance of the physician. ... Every physician is aware of the immense influence the mind sways over the body, and when wise he utilizes this to his own renown and the patient's good." ...

Dr. J. N Hurty, secretary of the Indiana board of health, in an address a few weeks ago before the Indiana State Pharmaceutical Association said, "The old notion that nature has provided a medicine for the cure of every disease is now not advanced, except, perhaps, among the Indians, the quacks, and the ignorant." Dr. Klyne is quoted as saying that the Christian Science practitioner "should be charged with practising without a diploma." Practising what? Certainly not medicine. The power of divine Mind is the only remedy administered in humble prayer. in earnest desire, and in pure thought by the Christian Scientist. Why should a Christian Scientist be expected to carry a medical sheepskin any more than that a doctor should have a diploma in metaphysics? The former certifies that he neither uses nor recommends the use of drugs in the healing of the sick, while the latter often does prescribe cheerfulness, sunshine. bracing breezes, quietude, rest, meekness, patience, temperance, pure thought, relaxation from worry, freedom from vices, and all such things as a necessary auxiliary in the healing of his patients. It seems to fairminded people that the preponderance of evidence is in favor of asking the physician to furnish a diploma in mind healing rather than to require a Christian Scientist to secure a medical diploma in order to practise Christian healing. Were Jesus and his disciples on earth to-day, is this theory were called out, they would have to secure a medical diploma in order to practise healing, for the earthly ministry of christ was largely the healing of sickness and sin and in teaching others to follow his example.

November 30, 1907

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