As I was starting out for lunch one day I crushed my...

As I was starting out for lunch one day I crushed my finger between the two heavy swinging doors at the en trance to the building where our offices are located. A young lady who was with me exclaimed at this, but I quickly wrapped my handkerchief around the finger and tried to change the subject so that she would not talk about the injury, and at the same time I declared the truth for myself. I went on to the restaurant—about three blocks—and when I reached there I noticed that the hand was bleeding profusely; but I went into the restaurant, ordered my lunch, and ate it as well as I could with my left hand. I suffered no pain whatever from my finger, but kept my hand in my lap with a couple of napkins under it. When I left the restaurant I returned to the office. and shortly after called up a Christian Science practitioner by telephone, but did not succeed in getting her. All this time I was having to meet all kinds of suggestions. The young lady who was with me at the time of the accident begged me to go to a surgeon and have the finger bound up. In fact, they were quite disgusted with me in the office, and said that Christian Science was all right when there was nothing serious the matter, but when there was anything like this it was worse than nonsense to depend upon Christian Science. All this time the finger continued to bleed very badly. and I knew that I would be able to do nothing in the office that afternoon, so about an hour and a half after the accident I left for home. Until I left the office I attended to various matters, and did not suffer any pain. I went to see a practitioner at once, after which I went to my room and found there an application for membership in The Mother Church which had to be filled in at once, as the time was already short in which to get it Boston. I signed it at once, although I cannot say that it was done very well, the finger which had been crushed being on my right hand.

The next morning I went to see the practitioner before going to the office. I then went to the office and worked on the books all day. Although we had been very busy before this, circumstances arose through which it was not necessary for me to run the typewriter at all that week until Saturday, and this was Monday. I worked on the books all the week, and got all my back work caught up. None of the calamities which had been predicted overtook me at all. At first it was clumsy to work. with my finger bandaged, but I soon grew accustomed to it, and in a short time the bandage was not necessary.

Testimony of Healing
With the desire to give freely of that which I have...
November 30, 1907

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