With the desire to give freely of that which I have...

With the desire to give freely of that which I have received freely, I wish to state that I became interested in Christian Science about three years ago. Up to that time I had no religious belief. I was more of an agnostic, and though not a scoffer I shared in the common feeling that while Christian Science might be all right for the "other fellow," it was not the thing in my case. At that time I was. as it seemed, hopelessly addicted to the drink habit. which had been growing stronger and stronger on me for the fifteen years previous. and while under the influence of liquor I had met with an accident, being struck by a locomotive. After regaining consciousness, the day following. I was driven from the hospital to my home. where I was lovingly and cheerfully received by my wife and a good Christian Science friend, who had read of the accident in the morning paper and had come to help sustain my wife. Medicine had been used in vain in various attempts to destroy my appetite for liquor. and further than what had already been done, it was powerless to relieve my injury. Lovingly they led me to a Christian Science practitioner, who gave me seven treatments in about as many days, and from that time to this I have had no desire for liquor, to temptation to resist: the habit forms no part of my consciousness. My recovery from the injury was slower, but that tended to keep me absorbed in a search in Mrs. Eddy's most wonderful book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," for a better understanding of the Principle I knew was saving me: and that search grows more satisfactory as the truth contained therein unfolds. This is simply a statement of the facts, given to show what led me to Christian Science, which has brought me and mine many other great blessings. I am willing to leave it to those who have been or are cursed with the liquor habit. either in themselves or in a loved member of their family to form some conception of the gratitude I feel. My gratitude to God is great, and it not only extends to Mrs. Eddy, who has made possible for me a God and a religion I can understand, but also to those who so kindly, lovingly, and patiently dealt with me.

Fred W. Esgen, Los Angeles, Cal.

Testimony of Healing
Two years ago I was taken ill with a severe attack...
November 30, 1907

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