The letter of Mr. W. H. Y. Webber in your recent issue...

Surrey Comet and South Middlesex News

The letter of Mr. W. H. Y. Webber in your recent issue on the subject of the acceptance of a copy of Science and Health for the free library would be more convincing if written with less heat and more accuracy. A gentleman who writes of Christian Scientists as people "who forbid their dupes even to enter any place of Christian worship, or attend Sunday School, or, for all I know, to read a book by which their eyes might be opened," is clearly not a person to decide whether Christian Science literature shall be accepted by a public library.

First, Christian Scientists do not forbid their members to enter other churches; second, they do not forbid their children to attend any Sunday School; third, they have no "index." Finally, it will not come with a peculiar shock to any of your readers to learn that Christian Scientists naturally attend their own churches, send their children to their own Sunday Schools, and prefer their own literature. If they did not, they would scarcely have become Christian Scientists.

November 23, 1907

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