The annual harvest calls us to gather up sheaves of gratitude to divine Love for His constant favors received, but especially for the impartation of good in Christian Science, and the wise leadership of this Cause. This point comes strongly to me at the present time, viz., gratitude for the demands which Christian Science makes on its followers. Every step in the way has been taken through obedience and sacrifice. Our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has set the example of going forward when the time for action has arrived, and she has shown her confidence in God's guidance, and in man's ability to reflect the supply for the spiritual need. She fears not to call upon those who have experienced the benefits of her teachings, to give of their substance to carry on the work. She knows that our sufficiency is not of ourselves but of God.

If we see these demands rightly they become opportunities to benefit ourselves as well as others. God's kingdom has come on earth, His will is revealed, and we are glad to recognize this fact in Christian Science. The early students who stood loyal and faithful with their great Leader achieved the tasks entrusted them at that time, and the foundation of the church was laid. The publications and literature were welcomed and circulated, and given a firm foothold in consciousness. It is ours, not merely to reap the reward of these labors, but in turn to do the work of to-day so well that the way will be opened for a still larger number to find this truth.

November 23, 1907

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