Again and again, in the course of conversation with students of Christian Science, we hear the expression, "So-and-so is very antagonistic to Science." This is calmly accepted as a temporary attitude of thought, and the most we ever say as a denial of this statement is, "But we know that sooner or later he must accept the truth." There are three points about this too-familiar scrap of conversation that present themselves for consideration: first, What is Christian Science as we know it? second, What is it as the antagonists think they know it? third, What can we do to correct wrong impression and gain the true knowledge of Science which is unhampered by mortal misconceptions?

Christian Science, as we study and strive to learn it, is demonstrable truth, known by its fruits. It is the law of perfection in active operation, destroying all imperfection,—the shining light that dispels darkness of all kinds, be it the darkness of despair, dimness of confidence in good, gloom engendered by any sense of lack, mental, moral, or physical. It is our standard for daily living, by which we try our every thought to see if it conforms to the pattern shown in the Mount. It is that to which we trust for guidance and help, not only in times of doubt and uncertainty, but also in times of confidence and joy. It is our apprehension of Principle, our daily call to demonstration of our knowledge of Life, Truth, and Love, the Science of right living according to the highest spiritual standard.

November 23, 1907

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