For several years before I heard of Christian Science...

For several years before I heard of Christian Science I suffered from a distressing ailment. One of the best nerve specialists in New York had told me that this disease was incurable, and I had become so frightened that I almost despaired of recovery. When, however, Christian Science had cured me of stomach trouble and other difficulties, and the study of Science and Health had begun to show me the mental nature of all disease, I began to see that the chief symptoms of the disease—a sudden and paralyzing fear—indicated that the cause of the disease was fear, and that if it could be destroyed the disease would disappear. So I told my practitioner about it, and he advised me to study the 91st Psalm and the fourth chapter of 1st John, especially the I8th verse of the latter, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear." I explained that the fear was always followed almost immediately by unconsciousness, so that there was no time to declare the truth, but I went on studying the Christian Science text-book and watching for an opportunity to use what I had learned of this truth.

For about three years there was no apparent change in the dreaded disease, the attacks continuing about as before. At the end of this time I had a moment one morning before an attack overcame me in which to think of the verse mentioned and of the omnipotence and omnipresence of divine Love. The attack was a little less violent than usual, and a few weeks later I had a similar experience. All this time, with the help of a practitioner, I had been overcoming other diseases, and my study of the Bible and Science and Health had given me an increasing understanding of the power and presence of divine Love, so that a few months later I was able, by my realization of the truth, to cast out the fear of an attack and retain consciousness. This greatly encouraged me, and after this had happened a few times the attacks became fewer and less violent, until three years and a half after I began to study Christian Science they stopped entirely.

Testimony of Healing
I was never antagonistic toward Christian Science
November 23, 1907

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