Before I came into Christian Science I was sick at least...

Before I came into Christian Science I was sick at least half my time, and my anxieties and cares were almost more than I could endure, but I bore them as patiently as I could, because in the first place I thought it was praiseworthy to be patient under affliction, and I also thought we were born to sorrow and suffering, and could only escape them by dying. I never dreamed that they could be overcome by the truth, until my eyes were opened by Christian Science. I began the study of Science and Health through seeing my mother healed of lung trouble by Christian Science. She had suffered for more than a week, and would have no material remedies, but desired Christian Science treatment. This I (in my foolish pride and ignorance) stubbornly refused her, until she was in a most critical conditon. So alarming was her state that some of my good neighbors told me if I let my mother lie there and die without a doctor, they would hold me responsible. They said that she was not in a condition to choose for herself, and that I should not listen to her. However I did at last consent that this new Science (I would not even call it Christian) might enter the house on one condition, viz., that it should heal her, as she claimed it would, immediately, or in one day was my limit. If it did not do so, the next day I would have a regular physician.

In looking back to those days, I remember now with grateful joy how merciful and good God was to me. The practitioner came in the evening, just before dark. After he left I asked mother what she wanted me to do for her. She answered, "Bring in the lamp and read Science and Health to me." I took up the Christian Science text-book for the first time and began at the preface. I read aloud until after two o'clock in the mornign, drinking in every statement greedily, as one who thirsteth for the water brooks. When I laid down the book and looked at my mother, she was bright and smiling, the fever all gone. I retired with a new song in my heart, and a deep sense of the nearness and goodness of God. Words cannot express what my feelings were when I awoke to find my mother so much better. I was rebuked, awed, grateful, and ashamed, just as we might suppose Thomas to have been when he thrust his hand into the Master's side. If I had only known what a heavenly guest I was admitting when I opened my door to Christian Science, how different would have been my reception.

Testimony of Healing
For several years before I heard of Christian Science...
November 23, 1907

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