I was never antagonistic toward Christian Science

I was never antagonistic toward Christian Science. Its fundamental teaching that God made all that was made and that all He made is good, always appealed to me as reasonable and beautiful; but that a right apprehension of God and His creation could be used as a means to remove bodily ailments, had to enter into my own experience before the full glory of Mrs. Eddy's teaching dawned upon my consciousness. For many years I had fought, with the aid of various physicians, a most serious bowel trouble. In the course of fifteen years I had three operations performed, the last one by a noted specialist, to whom I journeyed on the assurance that I would be permanently cured. When I realized that my condition called for yet another operation I was desperate. In my extremity the thought came to me that material remedies had nothing to offer, and I then and there decided to try Christian Science. I asked a friend to help me, and experienced almost immediate relief. In about two months I had another attack, which wakened me to the necessity of doing for myself. I went to a practitioner, bought myself a Bible, and began to turn my thoughts in the right direction. After two weeks' treatment I knew myself to be completely healed, and for more than two years I have enjoyed perfect health.

This experience was most uplifting, and proved conclusively that God heals our diseases if we ask Him aright. Some weeks later I asked the practitioner if she thought it possible that my sight could be improved through treatment. I had worn glasses for twenty years, and while in St. Louis the previous year had consulted a noted oculist, who told me I had one of the worst cases of eye trouble that had come under his notice during his extended practice. He fitted my eyes with new glasses, for which he made an exorbitant charge, and warned me to remove them only while I slept. The practitioner explained to me that man's sight is God-given, and that the help seemingly received by the use of glasses is only a mortal mind belief. She agreed to treat me, and at the expiration of one week I found that the glasses interfered with my sight, and I laid them aside. Ever since that day I have enjoyed better sight than at any time while I was wearing glasses.

Testimony of Healing
From the depths of my heart am I grateful for the sweetness...
November 23, 1907

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