When I was a young boy, it became...

When I was a young boy, it became evident that I had a serious functional trouble. Some years later a severe form of indigestion appeared, and I was unable to partake of any solid foods. As time went on, a so-called incurable disease of the blood appeared. This caused me much fear and discouragement. While I was living in an eastern city, a friend to whom I occasionally voiced some of my troubles asked me why I did not try Christian Science. However, I was not interested in religion at that time.

In later years I moved to another city, and when I mentioned my difficulties to the family that I was living with I was again asked why I did not try Christian Science. Soon I visited a Reading Room and told the attendant of some of my troubles. The textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, was loaned to me, and I was told this book would heal me. When I found that medicine and Christian Science would not work together, my medicines were all disposed of. Soon I realized with great joy that I had been healed of continuous hunger.

Testimony of Healing
With gratitude and humility I...
August 10, 1957

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