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In the Bible we meet again and again these comforting words: "Fear not." It must have been Christ Jesus' awareness of the fear and unrest of the human heart and of its longing for rest and peace that caused him to say (John 14:27): "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you .... Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." In this connection he also urged his hearers to believe in him, as they believed in God. When rightly understood and applied, this injunction leads us out of all fear and unrest and helps us find this peace.

Probably each one of us has had occasion in his own experience to struggle against a sense of fear. Let us ask ourselves, "What is the wrong thought at the basis of fear?" Is it not belief in a power opposed to God, which might endanger health or life, ruin one's livelihood, or cause harm in some way? One who is fearful is unconsciously admitting that God may at some time be unable to help him, and also that God, the omnipotent, may in some instances be helpless and powerless; and this is of course impossible. Fear is, on the one hand, lack of spiritual understanding and of trust in God; and on the other hand it is an admission that something exists besides God. However, Jesus' forceful command to believe in him bids us acknowledge only God and the Christ, only good and the manifestation of good.

July 18, 1953

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