At times we all seem to need the strengthening confidence which the Psalmist had when he said (Ps. 89:14), "Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face." These words remind us that should injustice appear to be affecting us or a fellow worker, we can lift thought into the realm of Mind and know that injustice cannot operate as influence or power to retard or hinder progress or right opportunities for progress. The teachings of Christian Science that man is God's reflection enable one to separate what appears to be injustice from his thought of man and to know that injustice is not sanctioned by God. It is not, then, operating as law and has no basis in righteousness and Truth. This being the case, suggestions of injustice, frustration, confusion, or fear can find no response in the thought of the earnest student of Christian Science who is consciously walking in the light of Truth.

The belief that there is a power, mind, or influence apart from God, apart from infinite, omnipresent good, is silenced when God is understood and acknowledged as the only Mind, presence, and power. As the loved son of God, man stands in the light of Truth, free and unafraid. He is not where injustice claims to be operating. Neither can he be touched by the suggestion that there is a mental influence which can oppose, discourage, or frustrate right desire or a right purpose. The opportunity for good and for spiritual progress is present here and now. Sometimes aggressive mental suggestion presents itself under the pretext of righteous indignation. But if we accept the suggestion that injustice is operating to hinder or thwart right activity and progress, either for ourself or for another, we are, in belief, giving injustice or malice a personality or government through which to operate and an ability with which to plan intrigue and deception.

October 10, 1953

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