Although I was only about...

Although I was only about twelve years old the first time I heard the words Christian Science, they stood out in my thought as though illumined. Soon afterward I began to attend the Sunday School, and the foundation laid there has been of great value to me. Being taught that Life is God, I understood that it is eternal and that if it contained any element opposed to Life it would cease to be Life.

The understanding of God as the only Mind was a great help to me in schoolwork. While in high school I became filled with fear regarding geometry. Holding steadfastly to the thought that the one Mind, God, was infinite and the only Mind I had, I was able to master each day's lesson. At the end of the term my teacher called me to her desk and told me that I had done each day's lesson without a mistake. The practical use of Christian Science also helped me in college. Through relying on it in my daily work I was exempted from final examinations in organic chemistry at the close of the term.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude to...
October 10, 1953

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