The peace of the world rests wholly upon the devotion of thought to imperishable good. Because reality alone can be eternal, it is upon the thinking of those who perceive Mind, God, to be All-in-all that the security and progress of mankind depend. Such thinking inevitably partakes of the perfect nature of that which is perceived and is evidenced in what appear to be human affairs in the degree of its fidelity to Truth.

A dictionary defines fidelity as "strict adherence to truth or fact." The fact that consciousness is fundamental, a pronouncement acknowledged by noted physicists, though not understood by them in its spiritual significance and depth, has been clearly elucidated in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, who deduces her conclusions from the demonstrable knowledge that God is the only Mind. In so doing, Mrs. Eddy has set forth as fully and exactly as can be done by means of human language the irrefutable consequence of this divine fact, which is the unreality of matter. She has presented this fact in the only way a divine fact can be correctly regarded—as indivisible truth, to be accepted in its entirety or not at all.

May 26, 1951

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