When I was a student at college...

When I was a student at college I had a healing in Christian Science which I shall never cease to be grateful for. I was one of a group of Christian Scientists who had formed a college organization as an official branch of The Mother Church. However, two months after we started to hold our meetings and at a time when I was serving as Reader, I was taken seriously ill. It was well known all over the campus, and it seemed wise that I retire to my home in a neighboring town. The services of a practitioner were secured. No medical diagnosis was obtained, but the trouble was thought to be of the nature of appendicitis.

How grateful I was for the love of my family and friends, for the security of my home, and for the faithful services of the practitioner. For some seven days the problem did not yield, and since I could not eat anything, I lost weight rapidly. It was in the early morning of the eighth day that relief came. I was alone in the room and was contemplating the following verse from a hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal (No. 148):

Testimony of Healing
So many blessings have been...
June 21, 1947

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