In "Free Church Notes" reference is made to spiritual...

Eastern Daily Press

In "Free Church Notes" reference is made to spiritual healing and various methods which use this term. The inference drawn from some of the remarks might be that Christian Science healing is "faith-healing." This is not so.

Christian Science healing is accomplished through the understanding of God and His laws; and God, the Bible tells us, is Love and Spirit. This understanding rests on the fundamental fact that God, Love, Spirit, is All-in-all, and it is from this premise that Christian Science reasons. The Bible is full of injunctions to recognize God's allness. Jesus taught it unmistakably and applied his understanding of the allness of good to the healing of "all manner of disease." He reasoned logically from the standpoint of God's allness. The teachings of Christian Science enable us to reason in the same way, through spiritual understanding, not through mere faith.

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