"A strong defence"

It is becoming more and more widely recognized that an individual's thinking is very important in relation to his health, happiness, and well-being. But this recognition is only a single step in the right direction. In order to avail ourselves of the true remedy for all wrong thinking, we must realize the power of right thinking. The teachings of Christian Science help us to maintain positive thinking or spiritual discernment. False beliefs are displaced by the true ideas which become apparent. In thus purifying our consciousness, and awaking to the fundamental realities of being, we have a stronghold of spiritual understanding in which to dwell safely and without fear.

This defense is not against a real power, entity, or being; it is the defense of intelligence against ignorance. This progressive defense, in Christian Science, is the education of the human consciousness in the immortal reality of man's spiritual existence. It consists in awaking consciousness to accept true spiritual facts or ideas, thus disproving misconceptions and dispersing the mist of ignorance. In gaining academic education we do not think of ourselves as struggling with ignorance. Indeed, how could one struggle with ignorance, which is the absence of knowledge? In seeking an understanding of Christian Science, we are not struggling against something which is unreal, but are striving to grasp that which is real and true. Our attention is turned toward gaining the facts; and as we perceive the truth, the ignorance no longer exists.

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January 14, 1939

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