In your issue of November 6, your reviewer opens his...

Egyptian Mail

In your issue of November 6, your reviewer opens his comments on a certain book with the following premise: "All systems of faith-healing, whether of the Christian Scientist, or the African witch-doctor, or only the chemist's bottles of colored water, have one thing in common. They are all adventitious aids to inspire (or delude, if you like) the patient into exercising the mental powers of healing with which he is by nature endowed."

The inclusion of Christian Science in any system of faith-healing or of the manipulation of the human mind is a mistake your reviewer would not have made had he understood what Christian Science is. Contrary to certain popular misconceptions, Christian Science does not work on the credulity of a person. Any sincere seeker after Truth will find that this Science admits but one Mind, one God, one Spirit. Such an admission rebuts with spiritual law the evidence and influence of the minds many (or "gods many," as St. Paul puts it), which cause the discords of every name and nature in human experience. To apply that spiritual law in the eliminating of evil by good is the greatest privilege a Christian can have. It is the justification to its claim as Science that the redemptive power of this law can be proved by those who understand it, even if only in a degree.

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