Unreality of Time

In the Bible are recorded events which show that the realization of good is not dependent upon the passage of time, but solely upon spiritual understanding. Among these recordings are the immediate healings of disease accomplished by Jesus, his feeding of the five thousand, and his instant transportation of the ship across the sea. There is also the vision of St. John, whereby he discerned the present spiritual reality, which is generally and erroneously believed to be discernible only in the future. And Isaiah and other Old Testament writers make it plain that the appearing of the Christ, Truth, is not dependent upon time, but upon individual spiritual discernment and understanding alone.

In the contemporary world many important strides in overcoming the limitations of time are being taken through inventions. This indicates an awakening of mankind from self-imposed bondage, and is deserving of encouragement. But it is only through spiritual understanding, as acquired by the study and practice of Christian Science, that the unreality of time can ever be scientifically and completely demonstrated.

Choosing Recreations and Companions
July 10, 1937

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