Love's Lesson

Every earnest student of Christian Science daily endeavors to add to his spiritual education. His textbooks are the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and in these and our Leader's other works everything essential to the unfolding of this education is to be found. As loyal Christian Scientists we all are willing pupils, ready to be taught of God. So we learn that our thought must adhere to divine Principle, if right results are to be obtained; and Christian Science reveals that divine Principle is Love.

Love is Spirit, never in any way dependent upon matter or the physical senses for its existence or expression. Yet divine Love is available in all that is called human experience. Our study of the synonyms of Love, as given in the Concordances to Mrs. Eddy's writings, brings us illumination and enlightenment. It teaches us how to put into practice in our daily contacts with others all that is being revealed to us of the nature of Love.

In our home and social relationship, our friendships, our business dealings, we are able to test and to prove that the consciousness of Love's government of its own ideas heals. This consciousness of Love's government heals all manner of sickness and lack, ill-feeling, despair, discouragement, and disappointment. It brings to the sad and the sorrowing the comfort and joy which belong to every child of God.

"Remember now thy Creator"
July 3, 1937

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