The Flower of Perpetual Peace

[Original article in German]

Many great men and women have written on the subject of peace, and there is nothing more worth striving for and more happifying than the understanding of peace in its spiritual essence.

Nations and peoples, divers races and classes, family groups and labor organizations, have striven in varied ways to attain lasting and happifying peace. As we contemplate the vain endeavors of an unquiet and sorrow-filled world, the question naturally presents itself, "Why has it not found peace?" And with it comes the logical answer, "Because men have started from a false basis—because they have sought it in matter instead of in Spirit." Peace is an exalted and enduring state of consciousness, born of spiritual understanding. Peace must come from within, and must be demonstrated by individuals before it can be gained by the world as a whole.

Controlling Our Thoughts
June 12, 1937

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