Twenty-five years ago my mother was instantaneously...

Twenty-five years ago my mother was instantaneously healed through Christian Science of stomach trouble, which she had tried to cure under materia medica for many years. This healing took place while she was attending her first Wednesday evening testimony meeting.

We have had many beautiful manifestations of God's power and presence in our home since that time. One of the most outstanding proofs of the power of Christian Science to free one from intense fear was demonstrated in my experience about eight years ago. At that time my sister was very ill with double pneumonia. The conditions were so very alarming that I felt completely mesmerized by the fear of her passing on, in spite of the many proofs we had had of God's power to overcome every discordant condition that had presented itself for many years. I had the desire to call a physician, for this seemed, to my frightened sense, the only way out. The practitioner in charge of the case was reading in one of our local churches. I went to church that Sunday morning with a fear so intense that it seemed to shut out completely the reading from the desk. After the service I sought the practitioner in her dressing room with the request that she co-operate with a physician, due to the alarming conditions at home. There was no discussion of any kind, but she quietly said, "What God cannot do, man need not attempt" (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 231), and turned away. It was enough. I went through the church and up the street completely released from the mesmerism of fear. I experienced a peace and freedom that, ten minutes previous, I should have thought impossible. On the way home, mortal mind tried to suggest many erroneous things, but it could not touch me. I was at peace and free. When I arrived home, found my sister much improved, and from that time on her recovery was rapid.

Testimony of Healing
For some time I have felt it a duty to tell of the many...
December 18, 1937

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