The Naturalness of Truth

How often we are confronted with the fact that there is no material yardstick by which spiritual progress can be measured. Until his understanding is tested, one seldom recognizes what he has gained of the true knowledge of God. The daily endeavor to build up a true structure of righteousness or right thinking by utilizing the qualities of honesty, love, alertness, and receptivity to good, and rebuking the opposite qualities, which would darken or befog the human consciousness, enables one to meet the adversary fearlessly and conquer it naturally, by knowing its entire lack of power to harm. The habit of obeying God's law by realizing His ever-presence and omnipotence, and relying on the promises of the Bible, provides an irresistible armor of protection.

The study of Christian Science, giving one a clear comprehension of the real universe, which is composed of spiritual ideas, teaches us that when the veil of material so-called substance, which might be termed ignorance objectified, is swept aside by knowledge of the unfailing Christ, Truth, we shall see ourselves and others as reflecting God—perfect, free, immortal. So, it is incumbent on those who are earnestly seeking to be "hid with Christ in God" to recognize that their advancement never stops, but goes steadily on in proportion to their reliance on Truth. Each waking hour, all Christian Scientists should expect more inspiration, more revelation, and should rest quietly in Love's guardianship. "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety."

Infinite Spirit versus Spirits Many
December 18, 1937

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