Atmosphere and Influence

In the course of our daily work, we are in constant contact with the thoughts of those around us. Through Christian Science we learn how to protect ourselves so that we shall not come under the influence of thoughts adverse to our health, happiness, and success. When one is enlightened by the truth of being, as taught in Christian Science, namely, that man is spiritual and not material, one need not be a victim of prevalent discordant beliefs, whether these appear as trade depression and consequent financial difficulties, as international problems with their hosts of fears, doubts, and suspicions, or as bodily ills, believed in some cases to be the result of weather conditions.

No one would willingly remain in an atmosphere which is depressing, confusing, cold, dark, and cheerless if he knew how to get out of it. But some, believing themselves powerless to cope with circumstances which they deem beyond their control, may in their ignorance yield to false influences.

Being Faithful
November 13, 1937

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