True Being is Joy

Is there a Christian who has not read and reread those wonderful chapters in the Gospel of John containing the instructions given by Jesus, on the night of his crucifixion, to his disciples and to his followers in all time to come? Do we not all love his inspired and inspiring words about the true vine and the branches? How clearly he sets forth the fact that even as the branches cannot live and bear fruit except they abide in the vine, so his followers cannot live and bear fruit except they abide in the Christ, the true idea of God! In fact, the true idea of God constitutes man's entire being. Man lives and shows forth the glory of being. He bears witness to the allness of God—and we do so in so far as we abide in the one Mind.

Abiding in the one Mind is abiding in Truth; it is expressing Truth, it is being what God made man, the expression of His own being. All the love and wisdom, all the compassion and healing power, which Jesus manifested, his understanding of supply, and his dominion over all untoward conditions were manifestations of his oneness with God, and therefore they were manifestations of God's being. It was God's being, expressed in man and as man, that healed and fed the multitudes, that controlled the waves and stilled the storm. And today God is Love, Life, and Truth, here now, just as much as in Jesus' time.

There Is Work for All
September 14, 1935

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