There Is Work for All

In these days, as perhaps never before, there is a constant effort on the part of large numbers of human beings to find work. For several generations the problem of unemployment has been one of increasing perplexity, and today, far from being solved, it has become a matter of great governmental concern. Various causes for this condition have been advanced, and widely differing remedial plans advocated, but it is certain that no plan can be of lasting value as long as both cause and remedy are considered only from a material viewpoint.

Every individual who is able to work has a right to be, and should be, at work. But most people make the mistake of considering work primarily as a material means to a material end. The Apostle Paul, however, states, "Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." The practicality of this statement is proved in Christian Science. It is safe to say that had Christendom as a whole carried out Paul's injunction in all lines of business, there would today be no need for dole systems or relief agencies in Christian nations.

Sincerity and Success
September 14, 1935

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