Supplying the Loaves and Fishes

No good hostess invites guests to dinner without making adequate preparation for their enjoyment. Neither do the members of a Christian Science church invite the community to a Christian Science lecture without making careful preparations by realizing the ample supply of spiritual inspiration which will meet the special need.

In their mental preparation for an approaching lecture, Christian Scientists may find much food for thought in the familiar Bible story of the multiplying of the loaves and fishes as recorded in the fourteenth chapter of Matthew. Although we have not a complete record of the words spoken by Jesus on that particular occasion to the people who had followed him to the desert, the fact that the multitudes were fed has gone down in history. So, in years to come, while the exact words of the lecture may have been forgotten, the feeding of the multitude—the healings of physical difficulties, unhappiness, lack, discouragement, fear, and other forms of discord, which have taken place as a direct result of the lecture—will continue to bear witness to the truth which was presented on that occasion.

"The sustaining infinite"
September 14, 1935

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