Early in February, 1933, I fell, throwing my entire...

Early in February, 1933, I fell, throwing my entire weight on my side and striking a narrow, hard object. For a few moments the pain seemed very severe, but by realizing the allness of God and the nothingness of matter, I was able to go about my duties. A few hours after this, when I was moving a heavy object, two or three ribs seemed to break completely apart where my side had been struck. Again the pain was intense, but I clung constantly to the truth. That night I attended a meeting, and the next day my duties required considerable walking. At night I attended the Wednesday evening services. After reaching home, I felt such pain that my daughter noticed that I did not talk as usual and inquired about the trouble. She was the first to notice anything inharmonious, although I had been with others all the time. The ribs were pressing in until breathing was most painful and difficult.

The next morning while I was studying the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly, the statement by Mrs. Eddy (Science and Health, p. 215), "Whatever is governed by God, is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life," stood out very forcibly, and I thought of how earlier in the week seeming inharmony in business conditions had been destroyed by my realizing the power of this statement. Through the remainder of the Lesson, I think I saw the truth of every word I read.

Testimony of Healing
The study of Christian Science offers to all boundless...
September 14, 1935

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